BREAKING NEWS: I’m going to be a dad!!!

Pop the champagne and sound the alarm!!!! Chavy is about to join the daddy gang here at Branded Sports!!!


My girlfriend and I just moved in together and I guess the stork decided it was our time to bring a little ginger Mexican baby into the world! I can’t say I expected this but I’m happy none the less. I always pictured myself being the older dad who had his kid just shy of his 40th birthday and looked like their grandpa by the time parents night rolled around for their senior year soccer season, but being a cool 46 when that happens is just as cool to me!

A lot of people would probably pick up the phone and dial their parents and close friends (or take in this life changing moment with their significant other) but I decided the Branders should be the first ones to know what is going on regarding the personal life of their 6th favorite blogger on the site.

And for any of the you that are wondering yes we will throw a Zoom Diaper party for the bros. Instead of all the Branders buying a bunch of random sized diapers we ask that instead you click on a few blogs of mine to increase those pageviews. You click on the blog, I get pageviews, Papa Joe takes notice, I get paid, baby gets diapers, it’s a way to make everyone a little dough.

As for the baby’s name we already have one picked out. We’re proud to announce that we will be naming our baby after our favorite Snow White dwarf……drum roll please…..


Hopefully you Branders take that joke better than the drunk guy at the open mic did. He shouted how horrible of a comic I was and announced he was walking out.

Anyways have a great Branded day!

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