AB To The Bucs?

AJ Torres

We’re heading into July with an unknown season ahead. One thing is for certain this offseason; AB is one of the hottest topics. This isn’t the first time AB’s name has been mentioned with the Bucs. The day after Brady joined Tompa Bay, the rumors were flowing that AB could possibly join. Now almost 2 months later, it’s picking up steam again.

Brown is hands down one of the best receivers in the league, that’s not up for debate, but will anyone really take a chance on him after this past offseason? You have to think if his charges are dropped, Tampa Bay will legit come knocking on his door. Tom Brady has said on multiple occasions he wants to play with Brown. Brady has even doubled down on the statement prior to the Patriots releasing him last season.

All I know is if this “rumor” becomes true, Tampa Bay has the best receiving core in the league by far. Brown, Evans, and Godwin would be a legit force to be reckoned with. No head coach or defensive coordinator wants to face that crew…

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