This Weekend 22 Years Ago, The Undertaker killed Mankind aka Mick Foley aka Cactus Jack aka Dude Love.


I remember renting this PPV from my local Family Video at least once every other week when I was a kid (we frequented the video store a lot because I got good grades as a kid  my dad liked to go to some secret cowboy saloon they had in the back of the store).

Porno Saloon

But seriously I used to rent King of The Ring 1998 on VHS A LOT. The first couple of rentals I used to watch the every match just to get my money’s worth on my $3 two night rental charge. But eventually I got tired of waiting 2 and half hours to see The Undertaker try and murder Mankind and on the following rewatches I’d pop that bad boy in the VCR and instantly fast forward, go pop some popcorn, grab a Muggs Root Beer, and after all of that….I’d still have to wait for another 5 GODDAMN MINUTES of fast forwarding to see the match! Not to go full boomer here but the kids of today will never know the time we’d waste just fast forwarding a VHS tape.

Anyways onto the actual match. There’s a lot of info out there on just how fucked Mankind (real name Mick Foley) went through during this match so I’ll just highlight the important and neat things.

  1. His tooth ended up in his nose

toof mankind

2. Mick Foley is still feeling the effects of these two falls (along with the millions of other bumps he took in his career) to this day.

It’s a wonder Mick Foley is alive and walking in 2020. The guy put himself through absolute hell for a good 20 years and beat his body up like it owed him money.

I dare you to watch this video and not cringe.

3. Mick Foley is not human

Yeah he may have trouble walking and had multiple surgeries due to the insane bumps he took over his career, but if this was any other person they would’ve died years ago because they’re body is cut from the same cloth as Mick Foley’s.

I have zero doubt that when they look back on this video again for the 44th anniversary of the fall Mick Foley will be alive and well. Hell he may even redo the bump just for old times sake. And considering The Undertaker is well..undead I have zero doubt the WWE would pass up the opportunity to relive the glory days.

Featured Image via USA Today (LINK)

Porno section picture via Reddit (LINK)

Tooth in nose picture via FanZine (LINK)

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