Matt Klentak Is About To Make JT Realmuto Wanna Leave Philly Isn’t He?

Klentak is a complete bonehead and is gonna end up making Realmuto not want to play here. The guy is hands down the best catcher in the game… Fuck the unknown. JT is worth every penny he wants. You’re not going to go out and find someone better than this guy so why not just pay the man already.

To say you love the player and you want him here for the long haul seems like bullshit to me because if that were true a deal would have been agreed to and signed last Friday or Saturday. If Klentak and the organization were really all in on JT as they say, this would’ve solved itself out already.

The longer the contract negotiations go, the more and more likely JT isn’t a Phillie next year. That’s something that just can’t happen so Klentak, seal the god damn deal already will ya!!!



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