Jemele Hill Brags About Not Deleting A Tweet While Attacking Barstool. Promptly Deletes Tweet

Jemele Hill stinks out loud. I’m not even talking about her views and opinions. I’m talking about her just as a person. Look no further than her episode on Below Deck. She was a stone cold bitch to Kate the entire time. And I have to tell you, if you can make Kate look like the good guy in an argument, that’s saying something.


Anyone that is rude to waiters and waitresses just because should have their restaurant visiting privileges removed.

So yeah, Jemele Hill stinks. Her latest poo poo is over an old Barstool Rundown clip where Dave, Big Cat and KFC were talking about the Kap kneeling situation when it first became a story.

What Jemele and Resist Programing seem to be conveniently ignoring is the fact that the video clip was edited. They left out the entire next part. This is called an agenda fyi.

Here the rest of the clip that was removed.

So that should have been the end of it. Little back and forth, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But then a hammer gets dropped in the form of an old tweet that Jemele had sent out in 2009 regarding Manny Ramirez.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 12.05.22 PM

Well that doesn’t seem so nice Jemele. Manny the Tranny? Yikes. Reads a little transphobic does it not? And it’s wildly hypocritical but that seems to be a requirement to get a job at ESPN after the whole Rob Parker, Master’s thing from last week.

The hypocrisy doesn’t end there though, she goes on.

First off, the video is from 2016. Yes it went viral yesterday but that doesn’t mean it happened yesterday. Every time Jemele sees one of those ‘this day in sports’ videos it must give her such a rush. “Holy shit!! Nolan Ryan just threw his 7th no hitter today! Wow that’s crazy I thought he was like 60 years old and we were in a global pandemic but this video is viral so it had to be from today.’

Also, explain to me how is it ok for you to grow from an old tweet calling someone a tranny but not ok for anyone else to say something from back in the day?

And secondly, after this twitter thread of her patting herself on the back for being so brave and leaving the tweet up, can you guess what happened next??


Moral of the story is don’t be such a hypocrite and for the love of god, be nice to your waiters and waitresses. Even Kate


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