Who Is The Second Best Team In The LCS? Esports Betting Guide


We ended up going 4-1 last week and are 7-3 for the season. This is just the beginning. Didn’t blog or bet last nights games so we won’t count them towards my record but yeah I got those right too.

I am without a doubt the best at this. It’s truly not close. You need some free money? Come to me and you’ll be living the high life soon enough.

100 Thieves Vs CLG +110

First game of the day and I’m feeling risky. CLG almost beat Flyquest last night, that was more of Flyquest being inept and less about CLG. Both these teams stink, on paper I would actually say 100T is better but when you can get a relatively close matchup skill wise I like the underdog. I think this will come down to if Pobelter can carry and if CLG can prevent Cody from going off. Both of those are possible so take +110.

TSM Vs Evil Geniuses -220

This one is pretty straight forward, EG is the second best team in the league. TSM is probably somewhere in the 5-7 range. 5 years ago this TSM roster would’ve been sick but it seems pretty frequently they remind us that they just don’t have it anymore. This line is already moving in EGs side more and more so hop on it fast. I got them at -190 and their already at -220.

Immortals Vs Golden Guardians -230*

This line is a little funky and I think something is going on so don’t take this if it is -200 or higher. I got it at -180 and if you can find it around there lock it in. GG should win and the line doesn’t matter but I don’t like putting my faith in an average ass team like GG at big odds like this. Immortals is probably the worst team in the league you can get money either way.

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All lines are from Bovada.

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