Dream Round Of Golf – Who You Got?

The NE Degen Boys were nice enough to invite me back on the #Nightcap tonight. Last week we drafted our top athletes, I’ll drop the video at the bottom of the draft in case you missed it.

This week we drafted our dream round of golf. It was quite the diverse group: from Rihanna, to Alexander The Great, to JFK and of course everyone’s favorite golfer Emporer Zhao. Here were the rules, video, & some thoughts on the draft.

6/26 Golf Round Draft


Is Potok a Homer? Let’s take an objective view at his list:


I’m not one to pass judgement – so I will let you decide if he is or not.

Benji may have run away with his power trio of JFK, Shaq, & Justin Timberlake. Add in the visual of Tyrion Lannister & Shaq standing next to each other with all time locker room guy Kevin Hayes able to fit in any situation. This might be the run away winner for me.

Mark has quite the imagination & if this comes true it may just be the greatest day of all time. He spoke about hooking up with Rihanna as he watched Michael Jordan & Roy McAvoy duke it out at the country club while partaking in recreational activities and bullshitting with Tom Petty. Read that sentence out loud and tell me this man didn’t curate the perfect day.

Chip had the draft won until he picked cornball Will Ferrell. Watch the draft just for this conversation – it’s worth it.

Apparently no one respects the Song Dynasty because there was surprisingly little interest in playing golf with Zhao Kuangyi, leader of the Song Dynasty until I scooped him up with unbelievable value in the last round.

Something I learned today when doing research for this was that Emperor Zhao created Chuiwan – which is credited with being the earliest form of golf.

Here are the rest of my picks & the whole list. Make sure the check out both last week & this weeks draft.

Last Weeks Draft:


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