Should We Be Concerned With the Orlando Sentinels Front Page Today?

At this point as sports fans, we are all just the fish in the final scene of Finding Nemo, floating with no purpose. But, we are now on the cusp of the long-awaited return of the NBA, a season halted over 3 months ago.
Come July 15, every NBA team with something worth playing for is getting sent to a bubble in Orlando to duke it out.
Orrrr, so we think. Here’s the local Orlando newspaper today:

This is the definition of bad optics. Florida (in typical Florida fashion) is spiraling out of control, surging in Coronavirus cases. They are going to freakin ruin basketball season for us, that we already had to salvage in the first place.
You know how optics work. If that state continues to surge in cases, they’ll get pressured into shutting down. If the state gets pressured into shutting down, the NBA will have to scrap their Orlando plan, even if it is safe because they don’t want to look bad.
The team planes start flying out July 8th. That means Florida has less than two weeks to figure this shit out. Do you trust they can…nevermind I think we know the answer to that.
I swear to God if these people are the reason we don’t get playoff basketball I’m going to lose my mind like Leo in Shutter Island:

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