Am I the sexiest man in slow pitch softball?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a very humble guy. I’m my harshest critic whether it comes to my blogging, appearance, or my stand up I can get a million compliments and my head won’t float into the nosebleeds. I’m always working hard and never getting comfortable. It’s just the mentality I was raised on being the offspring of two factory workers (blue collar family work hard and party harder and retire at 75).

But when I get messages like this I can’t lie, it tickles my fancy.


Goddamn I’m like Channing Tatum to the olds! If Channing had a beer gut and patches of blonde hair from when bleached his jet black hair back in December of 2019.

I can’t say I’m surprised I’m a hit with the olds. Having spent a few years working in nursing homes I’ve had my fair share of older women try and win my heart.

(Shout out to the one old lady at the nursing home who wheeled by me one day and said if she was 50 years younger she’d be all over me)

I think I may have found my calling in life. I’ve had fun making people laugh and blogging for Branded Sports but nature calls. Thanks for the cheese everybody but I’m out of here!


P.S. Plz follow me on Twitter and Instagram @AgentChavyScarn my mom says if I get 505 followers she’ll send me to bible study camp.

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