RIP Woody Page

It’s a sad day here at Branded Sports as we’ve lost one of the good ones.

My pet flower which I bought last weekend from Lowe’s and named after my favorite Around The Horn panelist (well 2nd favorite because we don’t talk about Jay Mariotti anymore) has passed away. I noticed there was no sign of life this morning when I went to give Woody his daily watering (that consisted of 2 40oz Miller High Life’s).

Services are still pending as my girlfriend is trying her best to help me through these tough and trying times. I was fighting back tears when I hopped behind the keyboard this morning to type this blog out.

This is a major blow to my confidence as Woody Page was a big supporter of my comedy and blogging career so in lieu of flowers or charity donations I ask that you check out the linked blogs and videos below. It’s what Woody would’ve wanted.

Did Tik Tok just solve a murder??

Are post car accident press conferences the future for news stations?

Henry Cejudo smokes weed like a NARC!!

10 tips on how to become a SOFTBALL GOD!

Is a split pee stream the new alarm clock?

Also follow me on Twitter @AgentChavyScarn. My mom says if I get 500 followers by the 4th of July she’ll send me to space camp.

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[…] you saw the blog (LINK) yesterday you’d know that the death of my beloved plant Woody Page had hit me pretty […]