NHL Draft Lottery Preview

Tomorrow night we find out where future All Star Alexis Lafreniere will call home for the start of his NHL career. Lafreniere along with some of the other top prospects will be watching closely to see how the 2020 NHL draft order will pan out during the Draft Lottery show.9AC1FDC8-25D5-439D-A905-42AC8DAB693AFriday night at 8pm EST you can tune into NBCSN/NHL Network to see who’s got the lucky balls…This years draft lottery is going to be a little different from past years due to COVID-19. Usually all teams that fail to qualify for the Playoffs have an opportunity to land the first overall pick. This year since we have the 24 team playoff, the lottery might end up being two phases. Here’s a look at the odds for each team…

99D215D4-3445-4824-B573-5EECBE2B4315So if the winner of tomorrow nights 1st lottery drawing is a team that is TBD(8-15), there will be a second lottery drawing to determine who gets the second and third overall picks. What’s crazy is we could have three mystery teams who own the top three picks in the draft and won’t find them out until the season starts back up.

Personally I’m hoping that happens cause it would be hilarious to see the Ottawa Senators not get a top 3 pick. Also, as a Flyers fan I prefer Alexis Lafreniere to get drafted to a western conference team. 


Featured Image- NHL.com
Odds Image-NHL.com

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