NFL Will Allow All 32 NFL Teams To Decide Their Attendance Capacity

The NFL will not place a league wide attendance capacity for teams to enforce. Each team will have to follow codes by their states health and safety social distancing guidelines. It’ll be a state by state situation. Questions have been asked about attandance equality, but I say who cares? If you followed the rules your state should be fine and see a higher attendance capacity.

This is huge for us fans who constantly go down to the stadiums and tailgate and or go to multiple games a year. Aka ME! The thought of being able to tailgate come September gets my juices flowing. As far as stadium capacity league wide, you have to think they’ll cap it off at 50% til atleast the 2021 season. All I know is I’m snagging a pair of tickets to atleast one game this season. Tailgating Eagles sunday is seriously calling my name.

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