NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Situation Has Inspired Me

Yesterday, NASCAR announced the findings that the FBI had concluded there was NOT a hate crime committed against the sports only black racer, Bubba Wallace. It had been reported that a noose had been found hanging in the garage of Wallace at the Talladega Superspeedway, which caused federal investigators to step in. After reviewing evidence including camera footage, they were able to determine it was a rope that could be confused for a noose, but really was used for the garage itself.
Here’s what a normal brain with common sense and logic thinks about that situation: Whew, what a relief. With everything going on including NASCAR banning the Confederate flag, it would have been sickening if an actual hate crime had been committed. I can see how that rope could have been presumed “noose-like” given its shape. Regardless, NASCAR did the right thing by investigating this and it was awesome to see NASCAR drivers rally around one of their own.
How is it, that there are this many people…who’s brains can’t formulate that very simple takeaway?
We’ve got people on one extremist side comparing Bubba to Jussie Smollett and saying this is some race baiting stunt he pulled for publicity. It’s all some CRAZY hoax.
Then, you’ve got the other extreme who thinks it’s all too convenient that a “noose-like” rope figure was found. It’s a crazy conspiracy that the rope was fashioned the way it was, and happened to be in Bubba’s garage.

Check the comments.

Do these peoples brains ever get tired of jumping to the most extreme thought possible?
That’s why I’ve decided I’m running for political office soon and my platform is going to be restoring common sense to the country.
Here’s a great example that Stickz 2 Sportz:
If my campaign were to host a charity event to raise money during a pandemic, I would use my common sense and not host a tennis tournament, fly a shit ton of people in, sweat and breathe on each other, invite a big crowd to watch and then go home. Not the best optics ever.
There’s a million common sense examples.
Aidan Powers For Some Political Position I Haven’t Decided Yet: Because Common Sense Shouldn’t Be a Rare Natural Resource
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