If this Queen/UFC mashup doesn’t get you hyped go to a hospital ASAP!

Stomp stomp clap! Stomp stomp clap!

Everyone knows the classic Queen hit We Will Rock You. It’s a staple of stadium (sports) rock and anytime it is played at a sporting event the crowd is ready to chug some beer, rattle the cage of the away team, and run through a brick wall! Well prepare the Busch Light, get your chirps ready and put on your helmet because you’re going to do all of the above after watching what happens when you sync up over 98 knockouts from the UFC to the beat of We Will Rock You!

I mean what’s not to love about this video?

The name the “Just Bleed Anthem” is *chef’s kiss*.

The KO’s? Violent as hell.

The song? Classic.

The editing/production value? Top notch.

All the credit in the world goes to YouTuber “Teep” for making this video. I went to his channel and watched a few other videos (Channel LINK) and holy shit this is some quality content. It’d be a real shame if anyone from the UFC *cough* Dana White *cough* watched this video and gave this guy a job on the spot!

Dana I’m begging you.

Maybe with Fight Island opening in a few weeks we could get a UFC/Mortal Kombat hype video? Balls in your court Teep.

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Header image via Forbes (LINK)

Teep’s YouTube Channel (LINK)

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