76ers Playoff Preview – Should We Bet On The Sixers To Win It All

I’m a nerd – no way around it. Stats and numbers get my as hard as week old dog poop. In my eyes, there’s nothing better than a fresh spreadsheet ready to be ANALyzed.

With news that the NBA is back and ready to play, I decided to take my love of math and your love of the 76ers and combine them to find out if the 76ers are worth gambling on to win the whole shebang – the NBA Championship.

I created this video breaking down why I think the 76ers are a good or bad pick to win the NBA Championship at their current odds (+2800 as of publishing) based on a statistical analysis I ran. Enjoy

P.S. I am trying to produce more video content & am just scratching the surface, so leave a note telling me how I need to improve. Much appreciated.

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Featured Image Source: Yahoo Sports

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