Woj Says Some Teams Are Treating The Upcoming Play Ins As An Early Summer League

With the continuation of the season starting in about a month Woj drops this tweet. Some teams who are currently on the outside looking ik are just going to mail in their shot at making the playoffs? I got into arguments with people at Branded over this when Dame said he wouldn’t play if there was no chance they’d make the playoffs. I thought it was smart, if you can’t make the playoffs why should you risk injury just to be a warmup game against the actual playoff teams, made no sense. This makes even less sense. Why would a team basically throw away their shot at the playoffs just to mail in the play in games? Risk injury for these young guys, risk your entire organization catching and spreading the virus just because you don’t like your odds? That’s the goofiest shit I’ve ever heard.

Woj makes it sound like it is only a few teams out of the 6 outside looking in teams who are considering this. Let’s guess who it is.

I think I’ve got it narrowed down to 3 potential teams. The Suns, Spurs and Blazers. This seems like the most Spurs thing to do of all time. If you remember before stars sitting out games was allowed by the league the Spurs would get fined for not playing their starters in big nationally televised games.

The Suns have almost no chance of making the playoffs so why play Booker? Leave him in LA with Kendall Jenner. I know Philly fans would prefer he keeps her occupied and away from Simmons.

The Blazer players have been the most vocal about not playing. Dame and CJ have talked about it and Ariza has already announced he will not be going to Orlando so he can spend time with his kid. Messy custody battle from what I can tell.

King’s are delusional so they are going to try and make it, the NBA would take Zion away if the Pelicans tried this and similar to the Kings, the Wizards might actually think they can make it into the playoffs.

Is the NBAs solution the best and safest solution? No. Making certain players play while not trying to make it into the playoffs is even dumber than them starting the season back up. If you’re going to Orlando try and make the playoffs or don’t show up at all, give your spot to a team who is willing to try. If the players refuse to play that’s one thing but a team or a coaching staff deciding to mail in those 8 games can’t be allowed.

This season is going to have a MASSIVE asterisk on it, especially if teams just give up.

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