Rob Parker Is a Race Baiting Hypocrite

Deadspin is a joke. They have no money and are virtually, no pun intended, dead. All of their ‘writers’ walked out last year because the guy that bought the company decided he wanted to actually make money. How ruuuuddde!!?!? Since that the site went quiet for a bit but now seems to be back on their bull shit. And by that I mean writing non sense articles trying to be super ‘edgy’ and ‘cool.’ The latest attempt was made by Rob Parker.

In a recent Deadspin article, Parker is demanding that the Masters change it’s name back to The Augusta National Invitational. His reasoning behind it you ask? Well I’ll let it speak for itself.

Deadspin: “Tiger Woods, other big-time golfers and corporate sponsorships should demand it. In the current climate, with all the sweeping changes, it’s only right and just. Best of all, in this case, it’s a simple and smooth fix.

The Masters never felt good or even sounded good when you said it.

And be honest. When you hear anyone say the Masters, you think of slave masters in the South. There’s nothing else, nothing special. You don’t think of someone mastering the game of golf. When has anyone mastered golf?”

Actually Robbie, when I hear ‘The Masters,’ I think of The Masters. A golf tournament with the best of the best. Maybe because I’m not racist or maybe because I’m not the type of person always looking for an issue to be upset about. And to answer your question, when has anyone mastered golf?

Tiger Woods.

He has mastered golf. Which actually brings me to my next point. Why are we taking race relationship advice from Rob Parker? Correct me if I’m wrong, (spoiler alert, I’m not) isn’t Rob Parker the same guy that got fired from ESPN for calling Robert Griffin III and TIGER WOODS, ‘cornball brothers.”

Who the fuck does Rob Parker think he is to tell people what is and isn’t racist? He doesn’t see an issue with telling people ‘you’re not black enough.’ Seems a little, oh what’s the word??? Oh that’s right, RACIST. Parker is a complete hypocrite and the fact that he is using race to try and drive clicks is nothing short of pathetic.

You want to be a man of your word Rob? Give back your master’s degree.


You hate the word Master’s so much and yet you highlight it on your twitter bio???? That seems a little weird. Give back your degree Parker. Actually, while we’re at it, I demand that you denounce Columbia Journalism school all together. Right out front of the school they have this huge statue of Thomas Jefferson.


And what you may or may not know Robert, Thomas Jefferson owned over 700 slaves.

So to recap: Rob Parker. The man that once went on ESPN, said Tiger Woods and RGIII weren’t real black people. Ya know, like a racist would. The same guy that flaunts his masters degree from a school that proudly boast a statue* of a man that had hundreds of slaves on his Twitter bio. That guy, is demanding that The Masters change their name.

It’s such a wild take you almost have to respect it. Just feel bad to see an amazing publication hurt like this…..I mean the Onion. Sad to see the Onion get beat at their own game.

PS: Here’s the final putt and celebration of last year’s masters. Won by the greatest golfer to ever play the game and who happens to be black. Boy does he look upset.

* Which by the way, statues don’t bother me, take them down, leave them up. Doesn’t matter to me, it’s the fact that Parker is such a hypocrite you can’t not mention it.

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