Baseball Is Officially BACK One Week From Tomorrow


They did it! Boys and girls, we have a baseball season:


Didn’t doubt it even for a second. Knew the MLB, its billionaire owners, and the MLBPA would put aside their differences for the common good: giving fans background noise at 1pm during a Sunday snooze.

Father’s Day just wasn’t the same without watching your favorite teams play a day game and talking about the glory days of your own respective careers.

I am glad the MLB seems to have figured this out and will have a season after all, even if it’s just 60 games. 162 is just too many anyways.

Every time you day drink, people say “it’s a marathon not a sprint”. Well, what’s more exciting, a sprint or a marathon? The MLB is now in the same position as day drinking degenerates.

A happy place to be. Could to have you back, baseball.

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