Walsh’s Wing Review: Yordana’s

Back again for another Walsh’s Wing Review! On this edition we are trying out Yordana’s located in Levittown, PA. Let me tell ya people this was almost a debacle trying to do this wing review…

We got delivery because the original place we had planned to do the review at closed earlier than the website/Google said. So, after we place the order for delivery from Yordana’s it arrives and guess what. They gave us boneless wings…..Normally I wouldn’t have called back and would have just eaten them. But we couldn’t do a boneless wing review for Walsh’s Wing Review. I’m just making sure the people get what they are coming for. In the end, they brought us back our actual order of 12 Hot wings so all was good for the review. So take a look at the official Walsh’s Wing Review for Yordana’s…

So there ya have it folks, another Walsh’s Wing Review done. Make sure you check out the Youtube channel and subscribe to see all of the past reviews.

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