The Highlight Tape You Didn’t Know You Needed

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived…Walsh’s Call of Duty Warzone highlight tape is here!

I’ve decided to get into the streaming business and have been putting in a lot of hours to Call of Duty Warzone. Now, let me get out in front of this before all the haters can start talking. I am garbage at this game and I by no means will say that I’m a professional. With the amount of time that I have put into this game I should be waaaayyyy better by now. My k/d is trash and recently it’s just getting worse and worse. Am I starting to lose hope and starting to accept that I may never be good at this game or get a win ever again? Absolutely the fuck not, you can bet your ass I’m going to be out on that battlefield night in and night out. I’ll be laying it all out there in Verdansk to help my team get the win.

Its been a long time since I’ve gotten a win and only have 11 in my career. By far this is the longest drought I’ve had without a win I’m starting to feel cursed. All curses come to an end though right? So we gotta be getting close to getting that elusive 12th Dub.

One thing I’m not lacking is confidence that’s for damn sure. The wins are going to start racking up once we get this next one out of the way. So what you should do is go follow the Twitch channel so you can be a part of history. While the gameplay may not be all that great most of the time I promise you that you will be entertained especially once the beers start flowing.

So do yourself a favor and go hit that follow button over on Twitch and let’s help get ya boy some followers. Also, if you’re good at Warzone and want to be apart of helping get me a win hit me up and let’s get to work.



-Video made and edited by me

Featured Image-Myself with images from PlayStation gamewithnet and Twitch

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