Members Of The 2008 Phillies Did a Reunion Talking Memories



This past week NBC Sports Philly finished their run of the 2008 Phillies playoff game rewatch. I looked in on a few of the games but I watched every second of game 5. During one of the plays Jimmy missed a pop up and watching it this weekend I yelled “aaaahhhh come on!” Yup, yelled ta my tv for a game that happened 12 years ago that my team goes on a wins. That’s how much I loved this god damn team.

This was amazing for every Phillies fan out there. Pat kicks it off with a great story about Ryan Howard. Chuck telling Pat he’s moving from 4th to 5th for a guy in double A and when Pat asks why he says, “because he’s going to hit 50 fucking home runs.” That is just  a perfect Charlie response. This team was so likable and they backed it up on the field. Really enjoyed the rewatch of game 5 and this zoom was a nice look behind the curtain for all those Phillies fans from those days.

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