Inter-gender Kickboxing goes down in the history books! Click to see who won!


First off RIP Ryan Dunn. Secondly if you’re wondering why this one sided beatdown went down in the history books, it’s because this is the only #1 box office movie from 2002 to feature an inter-gender kickboxing match (and Miller High Life product placement).

Speaking from the comfort of my computer chair (and behind a computer screen) I can confidently say that I would’ve faired better against Naoko Kumagai than Ryan (RIP) Dunn did. I’d float like a butterfly sting like a bee, I’d go high when she goes low, and I’d sweep the leg and force the ref to step in.


Yeah if I ran into Naoko in the streets I’d probably beg for her to not end my life. I don’t care if she’s 18 years older then when she skullfucked Dunn, once you’re trained to kill you don’t forget. The body may break down but the muscle memory remains and I have zero doubt that if I squared her up she’d fold me like a lawn chair before I even knew what happened.

My (un)official fighting record is 0-0 and I have to assume if I ever make my debut the odds of my record being 0-1 afterwards would be -10000000000000.


Header image via Pintrest (LINK)

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