Did Tik Tok just solve a murder??

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As the resident Tik Tok beat reporter I’ve seen a lot of shit in my day. From cringe pranks and dance videos, to shitty political rants from truckers, I’ve seen it all.

But watching a group of friends stumble across a dead body stuffed in a suitcase? Yeah I can’t say that I’ve seen that one yet.

I have to say as far as reboots/remakes go this Stand By Me remake managed to stay true to the original while also putting a modern twist on it.

Take notes Hollywood! This is how you do a remake that’ll appeal to fans of the original and bring in a new audience.

Unironic Note: I hope they catch the killer and the family of this missing person can finally get some closure.

Video courtesy of Tik Tok user @ughhenry (LINK)

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June 25, 2020 11:01 am

[…] Did Tik Tok just solve a murder?? […]

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