Can Flyquest Win Without Wildturtle? Esports Betting Guide


We went 1-1 yesterday which puts us at 4-3 for the LCS so far this split. Not bad but certainly not where we want to be.

I am running a bit behind with writing this today (was bringing stuff to my new apartment, no big deal) so I tweeted my first pick just so the people had it. Gotta get the people some winners no matter what.

100 Thieves Vs Team Liquid -215

I am done giving 100T the benefit of the doubt. Cody Sun is a good player but his supporting cast is outclassed by almost every other team in the league. As much as I don’t want to admit it 100T is probably a bottom 3 team in the league. Tactical is getting spoon fed kills by CoreJJ so his stats are good but he is still a rookie. He is good but he isn’t as good as his stats would indicate. The hope of TL going back to their old winning ways is on Broxah and CoreJJ, they are going to be the difference maker in most games. Jensen and Impact are still good players but the style of play on TL, for the most part, isn’t going to allow them to just hard pop off. With that being said Jensen will probably hard carry this game now that I’m talking shit.

TSM Vs Flyquest EVEN

This was a tough pick. I like TSM and I think they’re good. I think they are on similar footing with TL. Those two teams are probably going to end somewhere in the 4-6th place range. I think Flyquest is a good enough team and honestly I love these odds.  My biggest concern is Flyquest is benching Wildturtle this weekend but that is why you’re getting such good odds. I say take the risk and win some money but do it cautiously.


I won’t be betting on this but I think betting on Dignitas to beat CLG is smart. Right now you can get Dig at EVEN odds. Both teams are bad but I think Dig is slightly less shitty. I don’t love them but if you are feeling frisky have at it.

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All odds are from Bovada.



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