SEC Threatens Mississippi To Change State Flag Or Else


TMZ: The SEC wants Mississippi to change its state flag ASAP … and if it refuses — the conference’s commish is threatening to pull all future titles games out of the state.

SEC honcho Greg Sankey made the announcement Thursday … saying “it is past time” government officials pull the plug on a flag that features prominent ties to the Confederacy.

“Our students deserve an opportunity to learn and compete in environments that are inclusive and welcoming to all,” Sankey said.

“In the event there is no change, there will be consideration of precluding Southeastern Conference championship events from being conducted in the State of Mississippi until the flag is changed.”

What a flex by the SEC here. I read the headline and thought there is no way they can do anything to make a state change their flag. But then you start to think about it, the SEC is basically bigger than pro football in places like Mississippi. If they stop doing big SEC events in the state their going to feel squeezed. If the SEC and college football really wanted to put pressure on them they could just threaten to kick them out if the conference.

I’m sure there are a billion legal reasons why they can’t but nothing would be bigger than that. Make them go play in the MAC until they change the flag. Nothing like a season of doing battle with Bowling Green and Ball State to make you miss what you had. They’d change the flag so fast it would make their racist heads spin.

Also, why is it even still a part of the flag? Honestly. It’s the craziest thing in the world for people to hold onto the confederate flag. It blows my mind. It’s not heritage, it’s just an excuse to be racist. Just change it, it’s time people.


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