Rumors: Kirk Minihane Will Be Announcing His Departure From Barstool Monday

The whole Kirk Minihane Kmarko saga has gone from weird to bizarre. Not going to dive into the entire thing if you need a recap of what happened, bang, click right here.

What Kmarko did was wrong, he was reprimanded and that should have been the end of it. Yes Kirk was gong to grave dance. Who didn’t see that coming and honestly, a little grave dancing makes sense. You find yourself in the right against some guy you can’t stand, let the world you were right. #KirkWasRight.

But unfortunately for Kirk, he can’t seem to get out of his own way. He continued to hammer home the same, tired fire kmarko propaganda all week and during yesterday’s show he really went in on Barstool.


If you didn’t listen to it basically he goes in on Barstool saying he is just going to shut up and do his show. He wants everyone there to leave him alone and if anyone from Barstool wants to talk to him, do it through his producer or his lawyer. For someone that says they don’t care over and over, it seems like Kirk cares a whole lot. He finishes the episode saying this is trending in the direction of, it’s either me (kirk) or Kmarko.

And then today Kirk puts up his Friday show where he blasts CEO Erika Nardini and Barstool again. Not before long the show gets pulled.

Right away seeing this it felt like it was only a matter of time until Kirk is gone. I’d expect Dave is going to have some thing to say about it on the Rundown today. But shortly after this tweet was sent a little birdie contacted us saying Kirk will be announcing he is leaving Barstool on Monday. Take that for what it is, strictly just a rumor. The person that reached out does not work directly for Barstool.

If Kirk does in fact leave I think it will be best for both parties involved. He clearly isn’t fitting in to the company and needs to be on his own. He could have been a huge hit with the Barstool crowd if he would have focused his angry and attention outside the company. It’s hard to feel bad for a guy that cries, ‘no one here likes me.’ And then attacks his coworkers on what feels like a daily basis’. Monday’s show should be a record breaking number of listeners for him but that is if he even stays with Barstool through the weekend.

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