How Will TSM Respond After A Shaky Week 1? Esports Betting Guide

We went 3-2 on LCS games last week and going positive is always good, the name of the game is to win. Let’s get some more wins and limit our losses.

Counter Logic Gaming Vs Golden Guardians -145

CLG need all the help they can get and based on last split and the small sample size this season they haven’t gotten that help. Comfortably a bottom 3 team they are going up against the 1-1 Golden Guardians. GG dominated Dig in their win and I think played very well against TL for the most part even though they did lose that game. I don’t really see a way CLG wins this game without a massive implosion by GG.

Immortals Vs TSM -280

This feels like a trap game. Immortals are the worst team in the league. TSM on paper should be better but which version of TSM are we going to get? Are we getting TSM vs TL who can’t get out of their own way or the TSM who beat Dignitas to a bloody pulp? I expect with a team as bad as Immortals TSM shouldn’t have an issue that’s why, even with these disgusting odds, I have to put my money on TSM. You should do the same.

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