BREAKING: 5 Phillies And 3 Staff Members Have Corona

Was pretty positive there wouldn’t be any baseball this year, you know with the owners being greedy assholes and all but this basically guarantees it. People want to talk only about the money aspect but the players have safety concerns and now 8 people who would be at the games and have access to other teams and potentially spread the virus. I guarantee you the Phillies are not the only team this is going to happen to and as much as we bitch and complain this virus is not going away as things stand.

Baseball isn’t going to happen this year, I do wonder what this news means for other sport leagues. As much as we clowned Kyrie last week for doing his job something like this could affect the proposed start dates for other leagues.

These guys are athletes and in good health so I’m sure they’ll be good, I hope the staff members are also going to be okay.


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