Tra Thomas Did An AMA On Reddit And Touched On His Departure From 97.5

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A few weeks (maybe months, at this point who know) ago, Tra Thomas was let go from his job at 97.5 The Fanantic. The station also recently dropped Sam Wilson from their morning that Tra was a part of. The move surprised a lot of fans and from the sounds of it, Tra Thomas himself. Last night during an ‘ask me anything’ on reddit, he addressed his departure from the station.

FletcherIsMyHomeBoy:How much of a surprise was your departure from 97.5? Were you deemed expendable because of your lucrative prior career?

Any plans to return to radio?”


TraT72:It caught me off guard especially knowing how quick we turned things around and I’m pretty sure they knew I wasn’t living from check to check which made it a lot easier for them but it’s cool. Who know what the future holds.”
Later in the conversation Tra was asked about possibly doing a BGN podcast and seemed to be very short to answer.
Mediumrare91: Thanks for doing this, Tra! I grew up watching you and Jon Runyan, and is why I have such an appreciation for linemen. I really enjoy hearing you talk about the game on the radio, podcasts, and now your YouTube channel. Just wanted to share my appreciation for what you do.

Since we are supposed to ask questions, is there any chance of a BGN Radio podcast? I like most of the guys there, but hearing from someone who played the game is always welcomed.

TraT72:I’ve talked to Brandon a couple times. We’ll see
It will be interesting to see where Tra ends up. His YouTube videos seem to be a hit and I can’t imagine he will be a free agent long. My guess is that he already has a deal in place and is waiting out the non-compete before he is legally allowed to announce anything. My first guess would be WIP. They seem to flip hosts back and forth all willy nilly like. But the radio is a dying market and podcasts are huge. I actually know a place that is looking to grow their podcast network and would love to have Tra Thomas……
Tell us when and where Tra
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