RIP Netflix and Chill. Hello Taco Bell and Do My Fingers Smell!


That’s right ladies sip on your Baja Blast while your boyfriend gives you his Baja Blast!


Pictures like this are what walk me back off the edge of the cliff that is deleting my Facebook. Everyone has that one person (or maybe you are that person) that claims “they don’t give a fuck” and they’ll post whatever they want to their profile. We’re talking everything from arguing with family, to boasting about how much great sex they’ve had to asking for drugs. The person that does that on my newsfeed constantly calls people out for fights and films himself smoking “mad cloudz” while pointing a gun at his phone screen (with a few Keystone Lights sprinkled in for good measure). My personal favorite post I’ve seen is a former classmate’s girlfriend telling everyone her swastika isn’t racist it’s for “good luck”.

But I have to admit posting a picture while having sex is one I have yet to run into in the wild, I’ve only seen them on Reddit. The day I run into a sex pic post on Facebook I’ll finally know how big game hunters feel when they take down a rhino.

Also stay tuned for a petition to have the over the table sex position renamed the “Baja Blast”.

P.S. Don’t order hard shell tacos from Taco Bell ever again.

Header image via Pinterest (LINK)

Guy freaking the taco shells image via Reddit (LINK)

Girl sucking Baja Blast while fucking image via Reddit (LINK)

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