NE Degenerate Battle Of The Brains: Brain Fry Bracket

Last night was the 1st round of our official Brain Fry Trivia Bracket. It was a wildly entertaining battle that came down to the last question. Check it below if you missed it.

We had the NE Degens taking on each other with the favorite Andrew (-110) taking down Mark (+120) in a tight battle – 8 to 7.

It was a well fought battle, here are my key takeaways:

For degenerates, they were much smarter than I expected

Andrew microwaves his pop tarts – wild

Mark claims hes an Eagles fan but got a question about the Super Bowl winning Eagles team wrong in the 1st round

White Claws & cheap beer are these guys forte

Mark’s is a great singer, I’ll fight anyone that disagrees

Remember to tune in next Wednesday (6/24) at 7:30 ET on Twitter to find out who advances in The Brain Fry Bracket Challenge.

We have AJ taking on Chavy – check out the rest of the bracket below:

Quick reminder of the rules for those who didn’t catch it live:

Check my Twitter for live up to date odds on the competitors.

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