Another Power 5 School Just Announced 13 Players Tested Positive For COIVD-19

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Football is sooooooooooooooooooo back baby! JK, we’re screwed aren’t we? I mean these players will be fine most likely. All the studies seem to show healthy young people are fine but this can’t be good for college football as a whole.

I think we all know this is going to happen. We’ve seen it in the SEC already this month and I expect to see it happen everywhere. Kids aren’t going to be practicing social distancing when they get back on campus. Literally the opposite. Add in the fact they play a game where they tackle each other and boom, you’ve got the recipe for more cases. The question is what does college football do when this happens?

Let them self isolate but what about after that? Or before? Do you just say screw it, get the players together now so they are cleared of it before the season starts? Or do you try and contain it as much as possible? I assume the rule is going to have to be, once you’re on campus you stay there. No going home and giving grand ma the kiss of death. Stay at school, drink, get sick and play football. The NCAA wants their football money and you’re insane to think a few kids getting sick is going to stop them.

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