2020 Way Too Early Mock Draft: Sixers Edition

AJ Torres

While the season isn’t over just yet, it’s almost set in stone where each team should be drafting. The Sixers don’t have their own pick which now belongs to the Nets. With that being said they own the OKC Thunder top 20 protected first round pick.

The Sixers have needs in depth at almost every position. The Sixers also need shooters and shot creators desperately. This is the draft to tackle those needs. There are a bunch of kids who are shooters and shot creators. Philadelphia can’t afford to brick on this draft. Sixers have five total picks in this upcoming draft and the goal is to add as much depth as possible.

22 (Via OKC Thunder): Grant Riller, 6’3 190 lbs, Guard, Charleston

This kid is alittle unknown on the national stage, but he is going to get recognition soon. Known as arguably the best scorer in the draft, he is the perfect fit for what the Sixers are looking for. Grant Riller is a combo guard who can run the point or play off the ball as your two guard. Riller averaged 18.7 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 2.8 apg, and shooting 37% behind the arch in his four year career at Charleston. In his senior year he inhanced all of his stats making it his best year statistically averaging 21.9 ppg, 5.1 rpg, and 3.9 apg. One of his strongest attributes is the ability to create his own shot. This kid can get to the hole and finish at will. In my honest opinion this kid is the leagues next Fred VanVleet. Could you imagine a Fred VanVleet clone on the Sixers? I sure know I can and I’d love this pick for them.

34 (Via Atlanta): Immanuel Quickley, 6’3 188 lbs, Guard, Kentucky

So with the 34th pick the sixers select another combo guard. Immanuel Quickley had a rocky freshmen year only averaging 5.2 ppg, 1.8 rpg, and 1.2 apg. Granted he only played 18 minutes per game you’d still like to see more production, but that changed this year. In his sophomore campaign, Quickley blossomed into one of the SEC’s best players averaging 16.1 ppg, 4.2 rpg, and 1.9 apg. That’s not all he improved. Quickley went from shooting 35% from behind the arch to a whopping 43%. He also vastly improved his free throw percentage from 82% up to 92%. One thing Philly is missing is shooting off the bench and Quickley gives you someone who can catch and shoot in rotational minutes. Would pair very well with Ben Simmons on fast break catch and shoot situations. I liken Immanuel Quickley to George Hill who will always be serviceable in the NBA because of his smarts and his IQ.

36 (Via NY Knicks): Yoeli Childs, 6’8 225 lbs, Foward, BYU

Yoeli Childs is one of the most accomplished players in the entire draft. He is the first player in BYU history to record 2,000 points AND 1,000 rebounds. Easily one of the most underrated prospect this year. Childs averaged 22.1 ppg and 9 rpg. He also finished the season shooting 22-45 from behind the arch from an eye popping 49%. For all D1 players who had pick and pop possessions, Childs finished second in efficiency. One of his main strengths is rebounding. The kid is always around the ball off the glass. That’s something the Sixers could use tremendously. You can’t have enough rebounders. Childs, is a big body who moves well who can facilitate well for his size and can shoot the ball for inside and out. He reminds me of Paul Millsap. Someone who can kind of do everything well. Not super flashy, but fundamental. Could be a great back up to Tobias Harris. Only knock is he was suspended for 9 games due to messing up his draft paperwork. Big deal I don’t care about messed up paperwork.

49 (Sixers Pick): Nathan Knight, 6’10 255 lbs, Center, William & Mary

Nathan Knight is a kid that went under the radar for the majority of the year. Why? I could not tell you. Maybe cause he plays in the CAA? I don’t know the answer to that but I know the kid has some serious talent. Averaging 20ppg&10.5rpg doesn’t just happen for any measly player. Knight lead the country in player efficiency rating (35.0), he also ranked second in the country in double doubles with 23. He is a big presence on the defensive end averaging 1.7 bpg in his college career. Knight is not going to shoot the lights out by any means but he would help this team off the bench as a back up to Embiid. He can somewhat run the floor so when Embiid is on the bench, Ben Simmons and the Sixers can run their fast paced offense to give opposing teams another look. Nathan Knight gives me Clint Capela vibes. I don’t believe he is the same talent wise, but the play style is there. Knight like Capela works masterfully in the paint on both ends, but other than that he needs improvements.

59 (Via LA Lakers): Skylar Mays, 6’4 205 lbs, Guard, LSU

Like Ben Simmons, Skylar Mays played for the LSU Tigers. Mays in my opinion is one of the better 3-D players in the draft. He averaged 16.7 ppg while shooting 39.5% from behind the arch. Those numbers are mighty impressive but defensively is where I believe Mays makes his money in the nba. Averaging 1.5 spg throughout his career at LSU, Mays was a menace. Though he is not the quickest man on the floor, Mays is as competitive defensively as they come. He has that up in your face mentality, which the Sixers could use off the bench. Offensively though he isn’t a slouch, he shoots the ball well and can get to the basket and finish at will. Overall he is a well rounded player with no true weaknesses besides that he isn’t lightning fast and can be a streaky shooter. I get a lot of Corey Joseph vibes from this cat and that being said I’ve been a Corey Joseph to the Sixers fan for YEARS

All in all the Sixers could go many ways in this upcoming draft but I feel shooting, and shot creation are the ways to go. They have the defenders and facilitators already, just incorporate some shooters for Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, and Joel Embiid to dish it off to and this team is top 5 worthy next season.


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Featured Image: WPVI Philadelphia

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