Ummmmmm, It Looks Like Joe Rogan May Have Banged Dana White’s Wife

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So I saw this on twitter and before I read the tweet I thought to myself, “oh, I had no idea Joe Rogan had a son in high school.” And then I audibly gasped. I mean……that’s a young Joe Rogan. No shot that can be Dana White’s kid. Let’s do a side by side….


Nooooooooooooooooooooo shot. The only logical explaination here is that Rogan banged Dana’s wife, she got pregnant, the kid came out smoking weed and Dana become the anger man we know today. I bet 19 years ago Dana was a big teddy bear. Probably drank IPAs and asked his neighbors about the weather. No he lives in a constant state of emasculation. Fear to found out and have to blow up his entire world. Explains a lot of these types of interviews.

PS: Pray for this kid. No matter who the dad is, that kid is going to be bald before he can get into the bars legally.

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