Walsh’s Wing Review: Artigiano Pizza

What is up everyone and welcome back to another edition of the best, that’s right the BEST wing review out there…Walsh’s Wing Review!! On today’s edition we got a special request from an up and coming streamer on Twitch, known as Vinonymous. He suggested that I try and review his favorite wing spot in Artigiano Pizza. So take a look at what I thought…

There’s another review for ya and check out Artigiano Pizza in Philadelphia, PA. Stay tuned for more wing reviews and check out all of the previous reviews at the new Youtube channel below and make sure you subscribe.

Walsh’s Wing Review Playlist

Also, check your boy out on Twitch as I’ll be streaming a lot more coming up. Might even stream with the one an only Vinonymous who recommended trying Artigiano so toss him a follow as well.

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