Is Doublelift Bad Now? Esports Betting Guide, Week 1 Day 3

Alright so yesterday didn’t go that well for us. TSM and Dignitas let us all the way down and we are starting summer split down 0-2. The problem with today is there are a lot of heavy favorites today which makes the picks easy but high risk low reward which is never good.

I am writing this at about 1:30 and with full transparency I am betting on G2 and Fnatic today, I don’t do a guide for the LEC but each week you should consider putting some money on those 2 teams.

100 Thieves Vs Cloud 9 -550

Absolutely lopsided game. C9 should win this in max 25 minutes. Cloud 9 is better at every position, they are the reigning champs and are still the clear cut number 1 team in the whole league. Big risk, low reward like I said but don’t overthink it. Go makle a couple of bucks.

I do just want to put a little appreciation on EGs social team for DUNKING on 100T after their match on Friday.


Dignitas Vs TSM -220

These are the two teams that lost us money yesterday so now is time for them to redeem themselves. Dig has proven once again that I have overestimated them. TSM was exposed yesterday as well, mostly in the Jungle and Support roles. Broxah and CoreJJ outplayed Spica and Biofrost. I think the skill gap in this game is in TSMs favor, hopefully Spica decides to turn his monitor on today otherwise TSM might be calling Dardoch back.

Golden Guardians Vs Team Liquid -245

Golden Guardians played well against Dig yesterday and they let their best player, Closer, hard carry them. I don’t think TL will give Closer the same opportunity. TL is significantly better in every role, the closest would be in the jungle between Closer and Broxah. I’ve heard some people were impressed with Broxah yesterday but they are still heavily judging him off of last year, I expect EU Broxah this split. This is Fnatic Broxah again, between the solos and the combo of Broxah and CoreJJ this should be an easy win for TL.

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Lines are from Bovada.

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