Esports Betting Guide, LCS Summer Split Week One

The LCS is back and so is my betting guide. Did you guys miss me giving you free money each week? I know I missed making it so lets not waste anymore time and hop right into it.

Team Liquid Vs TSM -110

This is a match up that me and every other LCS fan marked on the calendar when the schedule got announced. Doublelift is on his new team facing off against the team that traded him in the first game of the split, I mean the story line writes itself. I would think TL without Doublelift will be more Mid, Jungle, Top focused and will rely heavy on CoreJJ making sure Tactical doesn’t die and just farms up. I would say TL has the advantage in the Jungle and a pretty big advantage when it comes to the two supports. With all of that being said, last time Doublelift was traded he won 4 straight North American Championships. Pissed off Doublelift is back and that’s why my money is on TSM.

Golden Guardians Vs Dignitas EVEN

I have less analysis on this match, if you know anything about me or read my betting guides from last split you know I shoot from the hip. I trust my gut when it comes to betting and for the most part it works out and sometimes I lose a shit ton of money. Last split I didn’t think GG was going to be worth a damn and the proved me wrong. Last split I thought Dig was a Top 4ish team and the disappointed. This split I will give GG the credit they deserve BUT I am still very high on Dig, not as high as I was but I’m high on them. Put your money on Dignitas, especially at those odds, and trust that Aphromoo can lead us to the promise land.

New guide out tomorrow for Sundays games.

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