TLC Airing a 90 Day Fiancé Roast??


Just when you thought Big Ed and everyone from the recent season of 90 Day Fiancé would fade into obscurity (besides cringe TikTok’s and overpriced Cameo’s) TLC goes and churns out the content nobody asked for, but everybody will watch.

I have to admit as someone who grew up loving the Comedy Central Roasts I expect this show to be nothing like that. I expect the kiddie gloves to be on and all of the funniest (which probably double as the meanest) social media posts to be omitted from the show for the sake of the cast’s mental health. Then again TLC did let notorious piece of shit Big Ed railroad Rose with numerous lies while giving her a shitty translator to defend herself so who knows what they’ll put the cast through anymore.

I have to imagine that with this season’s cast of characters having a few more scumbags than usual there’ll be no shortage of social media posts to use but again it all comes down to just how much TLC wants to embarrass the cast (more than they already have).

I can guarantee you none of the following tweets will make the show.

I want this next statement to be on record. If any of my tweets or Reddit posts end up on the show I will eat an entire anchovy topped pizza by myself and wash it down with a 12 pack of Natty Light.

Featured image via Reddit (LINK)

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