Potential Trade Targets For the Sixers

Okay, so depending on how this years playoffs turn out, you have to think the sixers try to move Al Horford’s contract. He just doesn’t fit with the Sixers. I understand the thought process of bringing in Horford to mentor Embiid and as an injury insurance incase Embiid got hurt. The guy just simply doesn’t fit with how this team is built… So let’s dive into some potential names and trades that could make sense for the Sixers.

Buddy Hield: Buddy Hield is a huge name to look at this upcoming offseason. He has been frustrated in Sacramento for some time now. Not making the playoffs continuously, and recently being benched as a sixth man role has not sat well for Hield. Gotta think he asks for a trade this off season. A trade for Buddy could look something like Horford, Zhaire Smith and a future first round pick. Sacramento could use someone like Horford as a veteran presence to a young Kings team who has some pieces to play with. I believe each team would happily do this deal.

Zach Lavine: It could just be me, but it has seemed Zach Lavine has hinted in the past that he wants to play for a team who plays identically to the Sixers.

I mean it couldn’t be any clearer he was speaking about Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. It would be a tall task trying to trade for Lavine though. I believe it would take something along the lines of Horford, Smith, J Rich/Thybulle and first round picks… In my opinion Zach Lavine makes this team light years better. If I could get away with not giving up Thybulle I’m pulling that trigger. Lavine and Broad Street Benny on a fast break would be a beautiful sight to see.

Demar DeRozan: This one is a bit far fetched I know but the thought of it is appealing. He wants out of San Antonio, and they’re on the decline. DeRozan wants to win a ring, and philly trading for him would certainly increase his chances of that. DeRozan is J Rich on steroids. Similar playing styles and both great defenders, Demar is just superior offensively. Him and Ben would work great together. This wouldn’t take as much as Lavine in my eyes due to age and only having 1 year left on his contract. Horford, J Rich, and a future first would get the job done most likely. Poppovich getting a tim Duncan type player in Horford makes a lot of sense. I’d have a hard time denying this deal for the Sixers.

Out of these three names Zach Lavine sparks my interest the most. The kid is getting better and better every year. He’s the guy you over pay for and don’t look through your rear view mirror. A big four of Simmons, Lavine, Harris, and Embiid is just scary to think about. Then you still have Thybulle, Korkmaz, and Shake n Bake Milton coming off the bench to square off a good rotation. You could even run small ball line ups with Ben as the 5 at times if you wanted to. Get yourself another back up center for cheap and that’s a deep playoff run team…


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