Mick Abel Got One Hell of a Surprise Phone Call After He Was Drafted By the Phillies Last Night

Last night, the MLB had their 2020 draft while the season remains very much in limbo. You may not even realize the MLB Draft occurred because in a world where you can gamble on everything nowadays, you couldn’t bet on MLB draft selections.
But if you did catch it, you know the Phillies drafted Mick Abel, a right handed, high school pitcher from Oregon. He was the first prep school pitcher off the board and by all accounts, was supposed to be. People are saying he has a nasty slider and great velocity beyond his year. They are making comparisons between he and Justin Verlander. They think we may have an ace on our hands. That’s what the people are saying. I’ll rely on their word because I get as bored at work as the next guy, but I never go down high pitching prospect worn holes.
In his post-draft interview, Abel provided a pretty unreal story about his draft night experience.

Kudos to Mick for being the last guy in America to accept calls from unknown numbers and not automatically assume they are spam. They next time some shmuck in a telemarketing center calls me up, I’ll hold out faint hope it’s Bryce Harper.
This week, we saw Ben Simmons show off a chiseled body like a Greek God as he preps for playoff basketball. Joel Embiid stayed he was working out 6 days a week, multiple times per day. Carson Wentz has been speaking out against injustice. And now Bryce Harper is calling Phillies prospects to welcome them. We have leaders on our teams in this city. We should be pretty damn stoked about it. And we should be stoked about Mick Abel too.
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