How Did Justin Bieber Not Get Canceled After This Video Of Him Dropping N Bombs And Talking About Killing Black People?

With everything going on right now in America, people getting cancelled left and right. I think by the end of the week Columbus Day will no longer be a holiday. Which I’m fine with tearing down his statues and beheading them and all that stuff but can we still get the day off of work? Because I think if you asked everyone that is ripping down monuments dedicated to him, “hey, you can tear them down but this means you have to go to work whatever day Columbus day is. Do you still want to do that?”

I think those statues stay up. At less if you ask me. I’m not ready to trade a day off of work for a meaningless statue I never knew existed in the first place. So with all this going on I remembered a video that came out, I believe 10 years ago of Justin Bieber. I remember when I first saw it I immediately thought, “welp, that’s it for him. Can’t do that and get away with it.”

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only did no one give a shit then, no one has mentioned it since. If you’ve seen the video you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t get ready to have your balls blow off.

To recap that video if you couldn’t believe it. Justin Bieber. Super star hit maker. Is on camera singing a song about killing black people, joining the KKK and using the most racially charged word ever existed. And I know it’s censored out, I can’t find the uncensored one, but I’ve heard it and he isn’t even using the ‘A’ version. He is using the hard ‘ER.’ Even the “get away from the door” teacher knew better than that.


So someone explain how Justin got away with this? Is it because he was super young? Feels like a cop out. And in my mind, saying there is gong to be one less lonely person because you’re going to kill them, seems like the absolute worst thing someone could say. Even the NASCAR flag people are like ‘yo Justin, take it easy.’ And then to know that you have this video floating around in your past and to drop this, mind blowing.


Just don’t say anything at this point or maybe do. Clearly no one cares. And I get that No Brainer and I’m The One slap. They are two of the greatest summer songs to ever be created, but still. Even Michael Jackson could only make so many number 1 hits until people had had enough of him diddling little kids.

PS: That get away from the door video will always be funny. Just an insane move to think you can drop N bombs as a teacher and your defense when you’re called out is to drop even more.

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