Colin Cowherd Plays A Game Called ‘Wentz Or Fence’

Starting to really come around on Colin Cowherd. Guy has been making a lot of sense lately and now Wentz vs fence. Basically he goes through the NFL quarterbacks one by one and compares them to Carson Wentz. He only picks two over Carson.

He’s honestly spot on. Carson has been throwing to lawn chairs and trash cans last year and still willed that team to the playoffs. And to answer the injury prone bullshit, 8 regular season games he’s missed. EIGHT. National narrative is that he’s only played 8 games so far in his career. And to all the Dak is better crowd. Stop. Dak is a good quarterback but Wentz is much better. Dak can’t beat good teams, even if their numbers are close right now, it won’t be that way for long. Every year Wentz is going to separate himself more and more. Give it two more years, when Dak is making $40+ million a year because he demands it and Carson is doing laps around him.

I’m going to write a blog every week breaking down Dak vs Wentz until this debate is over. I’m going to become insufferable.

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