With Father’s Day Coming Up, Someone Buy Me This Shirt


I don’t ask for much in this world. Ask my wife to close the screen door behind her, ask my dog to stop barking and ask my kid to eat some GD veggies every now and then. Besides that I quietly go about my day bothering no one. But I’m officially asking the universe for a gift. And that is this shirt that had to have been hand crafted by Jesus himself.

bryce shirt

My god look at it. It is perfect for everything. Wear it to work (when you can safely return) and Bryce’s stare will intimidate any coworker going for the same promotion as you. Wear it out on the town. Women will be so locked into Harper’s amazing looks that they won’t even tell you’re an ugly schlub until you’re already got them home.

I don’t want this, I need this. I’m probably a L just FYI.

And no this isn’t an ad. Never heard of this Foco company in my life until this piece of fine art was put in front of me.

Link To Bryce Shirt

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