FS1 Dumps Jason Whitlock, Replaces Him With Emmanuel Acho on Speak For Yourself

We’ve got non-Mike Missanelli update news in the sports media world today! Fox Sports announced that after letting go of (firing) Jason Whitlock on FS1’s Speak For Yourself, they will replace him with former ESPN analyst, Emmanuel Acho.

It’s a great move for FS1 as they are seemingly making the well overdue transition from hot take bull shit to actual analysis. Jason Whitlock’s lazy journalistic niche during his time with FS1 was taking the unpopular stance race issues and baiting people into responses. He has found himself in controversies surrounding Colin Kaepeenick, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant.
I don’t agree with Lavar Ball on many things, but when he said the only thing Jason Whitlock should be commenting on is snacks, that rings true to my heart.
As for Acho, this is a great get for FS1 and Fox Sports. He has recently been appearing on ESPN’s Get Up as an analyst. But, he was fantastic doing college football Saturday work for the ESPN networks. Fox’s investment into Acho should include incorporating him into their already improving college football coverage.

Emmanuel has also been doing an Instagram series called Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man. It’s been pretty honest and informative for anyone in the public who doesn’t form rogue militias that wander around Fishtown wielding bats during peaceful protests.

So, we say goodbye to Jason Whitlock. Can’t think of a single clip he made a great point. So, I leave you with this:

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