Conor McGregor Is Not Retired…

After UFC 250 the GOAT Conor McGregor took to Twitter to announce for the second time that he is retiring…We’ve seen this move from him before and guess what, he will be back. No, I don’t have sources or anything to back this up but if you really think one of the best UFC fighters, who is just coming off a huge win in his first fight back is done, I’m sorry to inform you but you’re an IDIOT!


I promise you, the Notorious one will be back and it could even be before the end of 2020. There are too many intriguing options out there for him to fight for him to just hang them up. Right now he is playing hardball trying to make sure that he gets that money which he rightfully deserves. He is doing the same thing that Jon Jones and Jorge Masvidal are doing when it comes to trying to get paid. These guys are big draws and deserve the money they are asking for. Trust me, its not like the UFC is hurting for money, so please Dana pay these men.

The other reason I believe that McGregor is pulling the retirement card is because I think he wants to wait until fans are allowed back at events. I saw a comment from Dana White saying that he offered McGregor to be the replacement for the fight against Tony Ferguson and he declined. His reason being because he isn’t a replacement fighter.  I don’t blame him for turning it down honestly, people forget that his aunt had passed away which he originally thought was because of COVID-19. Eventually, we found out that wasn’t the case, but you can imagine part of him was probably a little concerned about traveling and then bringing COVID-19 into his own home. Secondly, any fight that he’s a part of deserves to be hyped up. The beauty of Conor McGregor is the hype that he creates for his own fights with his antics at the pre-fight press conferences and the weigh-ins. During the time of this pandemic, he wouldn’t have been able to self promote the way he usually does.

Once all of this is settled down and the UFC is back to normal, I promise you we will see that crazy Irish bastard back in the octagon. He will beat Justin Gaethje, he WILL beat Khabib and he will reclaim his title. Then once he again concurs the UFC Lightweight division, he will do whatever the FOOK HE WANTS BECAUSE THE CHAMP CHAMP DOES WHATEVER THE FOOK HE WANTS!



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