Ten Years Ago Patrick Kane Broke My Heart

So I woke up today and started my usually morning routine…hit snooze on my 16 different alarms and when I finally woke up I picked up my phone and opened Twitter. Really wish I would’ve looked at the date before opening social media. While most people think of 6/9 as a nice date, I absolutely hate this day and it’s all thanks to Patrick Kane…

Ten years ago today, 15 year old me was sitting in my house watching game 6 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final hoping my Philadelphia Flyers would force a game 7. Game 6 starts and honestly I wish I could actually tell you I remember more of it than I do, but honestly it’s just a blur. To this day I have yet to ever go back and watch the whole thing through. What I do remember is it being a back and forth game with the Flyers coming from behind on two occasions.  First after being down 1-0 they came back and scored two unanswered goals and had the lead but it only lasted a 1:58 as former Flyer Patrick Sharp tied it at 2. Almost ten minutes later Andrew Ladd would score and give the Blackhawks the 3-2 lead heading to the third period.

As the third period starts I am nervous as all hell, we need two goals to win or the seasons over and our chance at the Cup is gone. Finally though, with a little over four minutes left in regulation my guy Scott Hartnell came up clutch and tied it at 3. This was huge, we had the momentum going in our favor and a real chance to send it to game 7. Then the first of two moments that will forever haunt my dreams happens…With only 1:30 left in the third period Jeff Carter, who scored 33 goals during the regular season had a chance to give the Flyers the lead. He had an open net and hesitated then took a shot right into the chest of Antti Niemi. Carter not scoring there if the Flyers win would have never been talked about but because he didn’t, we headed to overtime….

At this point I am shitting my pants. It’s one thing to be watching overtime of a Stanley Cup Final game when your team isn’t in it, but knowing your one goal away from losing the Stanley Cup is torture. I’m freaking out with every shot on net, the Flyers had some early chances but couldn’t bury one. With just about 16 minutes left Brian Campbell gets the puck at the point and passes it to Patrick Kane on the wing near the top of the circle. Kane takes the puck, does a bunch of head fakes and skates down the wing and takes a shot from a weird angle and “allegedly” scores the winning goal breaking my heart in the process.

Notice I said allegedly, that’s because to this day I REFUSE to believe that the puck went in the net. Your telling me that out of the 20,000 plus people in that building including the refs and the other players on the ice, Patrick Kane is the only one who knew it was in? Give me a break, I hate to throw around the C-word… but this has collusion written all over it. Patrick Kane, the Blackhawks and the NHL were all in on it and you can’t tell me otherwise. Gary Bettman is a sneaky son of a bitch and I wouldn’t put something like this past him. Pretty convenient that this Cup win was the start of a little dynasty run for the Blackhawks, who STUNK before Kane and Toews got there.

The record books right now may show the Blackhawks beating the Flyers in the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, but I say we open an investigation into Game 6 and the mystery goal. Guarantee we find some sort of shady shit going down and i’d be all for them restarting game 6 from the time when the winning goal ALLEGEDLY went in.

Please join me in my fight in restarting game 6. Thank you in advance for your support as I am still trying to get over this 10 years later.


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