Please Pray For This Model Who Cannot Find Love Because Her Boobs Are Too Big


It’s tough enough out there trying to find love with just a dazzling personality and a stellar sense of humor, I would know. But imagine having ginormous extremely fake tits? What a burden.

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The former investment banking assistant from Frankfurt said she had always loved the idea of having curves “in the right places”.

She felt very insecure about her body for years and would even avoid going to swimming pools or the beach.

Her high school peers would mock her body shape, calling her names like ‘tomboy’ and said that she looked like a ‘stick with nipples’.

Since 2013 she has undergone three boob jobs which cost £20,260 (22,000 euros) which has increased her bra size from an AA to a H cup.

She has also had a Brazilian butt lift as well as countless fillers and Botox. Collectively she has spent over £29,500.

She now feels very secure in her appearance and even admits that men are intimidated by her look.

It’s weird, because usually that’s all it takes. Feel insecure, spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, get immediate confidence and intimidate the fuck out of everyone else. At this point what else could it possibly be? Just a reality that Yvonne is not willing to face.

“My first surgery was a boob job in Germany. After that I had three more boob jobs in the US. I also have an internal bra now because my implants are heavy. I had a BBL done in 2018. Now I feel more secure about myself and my appearance.

“The coronavirus pandemic has affected me a lot. I was supposed to travel to Turkey next week to undergo another surgery. But I had to postpone everything because I can’t travel now because of the virus.

“I still make some money on my Only Fans, but I have to promote it a lot because many people are having financial difficulties now and can’t spend as much as before.

I have certainly never heard of an internal bra but it sounds extremely uncomfortable. You just don’t ever get that feeling of taking your bra off after a long day? Not a world I want to live in.

Things have been a struggle for many during the coronavirus pandemic, but perhaps none more dire than it has been for Yvonne. If you spend $30K on tits and ass and can’t even put it to good use, what’s even the point. Although I challenge Yvonne to get a little more creative. Push the Only Fans a little harder, maybe mix in a foot pic or two.

“Sometimes it’s a bit stressful and it feels like I have to prove myself, that I am a good person with moral standards. Because people won’t believe it, just because I have big boobs. Which is crazy. But many men all over the world like my look and contact me on my social media.

“It’s very difficult for me now to find a serious relationship. I would really like one, but I think I scare some good guys off.


Just what typically scares men off, obnoxiously huge boobs. I am so curious what this chick is doing to prove herself as a good person with moral standards. A graphic crop top t-shirt supporting Black Lives Matter but with a lot of underboob? I truthfully don’t think anyone with that big of boobs, who has spent that much money on plastic surgery is a good person with moral standards anyways. An internal bra is morally wrong. What those knockers are going to do to her back is morally wrong.

We can only hope Yvonne finally finds her true love in 2020. A good man who loves abnormally large fake tits–a true unicorn.


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