Josh Harris & Co. Who Couldn’t Afford to Pay Sixers Employees During Pandemic, Now Hope to Buy Mets

In an eye opening story yesterday, rumor has spread that Josh Harris and David Blitzer are eyeing buying the Mets from the Wilpon family as their desire to sell the team grows.

Harris and Blitzer, owner of the hometown Sixers also own the New Jersey Devils and now look to venture into baseball.
The move would be highly ironic for a multitude of reasons. Mainly because the New York Mets have long been a staple of incompetence in the sporting world, which would also be the best way to describe Josh Harris as an owner of the Sixers.
Harris and the Sixers gave Tobias Harris five years for $180 million despite arguably not even being a top 5 small forward. They dished out four years, $109 million to Al Horford which has been an unequivocal disaster. But if they follow through with purchasing the Mets, neither of those contracts will be the worst one the pay out thanks to Bobby Bonilla. Like I said, Harris/Blitzer and the Mets are a match made in heaven. A bad match, like a reality show couple who fight in every episode but you can’t look away, type of match.
What was MOST eye opening about this acquisition is that Harris and Blitzer see this as an opportunity to create a super regional television network?

These guys are billionaires so I like to think they know more than me, but how would this network be a money maker? In theory, it makes sense to have a network interconnected from Philly to New York like the Amtrak path. But, the three teams involved in the network could not be further apart in terms of regional alliance. If television subscribers are forced to opt into this network and pay extra, it’s likely just going to drive fans of one of the teams away due to the other two teams involved. For instance, Philly fans are not going to pay to watch the Mets 162 times per year. If given the option, they simply just won’t watch the Sixers.
In totally unrelated news, thank you again to Joel Embiid for stepping up and paying for Sixers employees who lost their jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic. When ownership couldn’t afford to foot the bill, Joel did a really noble thing by donating the money out of his own pocket. Again, this thank you has nothing to do with the Sixers ownership buying a billion dollar baseball team. Just wanted to remind everyone of Joel’s good deed!


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