Dan “The Man” Bilzerian is paying $5K for you to be his friend, I mean name his autobiography.


That’s right folks, you get 5K cash if the coolest man on earth Dan Blizerian chooses your submitted title for his new autobiography. The label “autobiography” is being used very loosely here because we all know that this book will be 99.9% bullshit fiction.

If Dan’s appearance on Joe Rogan is anything to go by though I am willing to bet this book will have some very tall tales about Dan.

The book will include stories such as, Dan having an 11 way with Victoria Secret models (and they all came 100 times during 24 hour fuck fest), and how Dan single handily kicking every bouncer’s ass at a unnamed (for legal reasons) bar for refusing to serve him his 69th Red Bull vodka because he was too drunk.

Anyways let’s get back to the book naming contest. I know my titles will be rejected but since I have so many I feel like they’d be going to waste if I didn’t put them on some social platform so here are all of my titles for his upcoming autobiography.

Total Frat Book

“These women aren’t being paid and can leave whenever they want” The Dan Blizerian Story

“Sign this NDA and don’t tell anyone about my premature ejaculation problem” The Dan Blizerian Story

“69: My least favorite sex position…..and my height” The Dan Blizerian Story

“Am I cool enough yet?” The Dan Blizerian Story

“I’m not a cop but I did have my scenes cut from The Lone Survivor so give me your fucking gun!” The Dan Blizerian Story

“What do you mean the card got declined? Hold on let me call my dad.” The Dan Blizerian Story

“The Bad Boy of Poker” The Dan Blizerian Story

“I’m the only person that made PFT Commenter break character during an interview because I’m such a badass.” The Dan Blizerian Story

“That’s a bong not a penis pump!” The Dan Blizerian Story

Yeah I don’t think I’m going to win that $5K.

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