Blitz The League 2 really was the best football game of 2008

Okay so now that you’re here I’ll admit that the title was a little hyperbolic in nature. I can also admit that Blitz The League II was not the best football game to come out in 2008. While I had a lot of fun playing it as a kid Blitz had its fair share of flaws. For example the season mode was meh and the AI shit. Compared to the other 2008 releases like NCAA Football 09 and Madden 09 it was the little brother living in the shadow of its bigger brother who graduated from state college with a 4 year degree and set career records in lacrosse.

For those who may google “2008 Football video games” you’ll see NFL Tour on there and wonder why I didn’t include it on the list of better video games than Blitz II Well it’s simple, NFL Tour sucked balls.

Anyways what made Blitz II more enjoyable than Madden or NCAA for 15 year old Chavy? BEWBS AND BLOOD! That’s right what Blitz lacked in smooth gameplay and dynasty mode it made up for with 3/4 naked babes and gruesome injuries. I’ve linked two videos below that highlight the brutal nature of the game below that will either bring back fond memories or force you to grab the nearest trash can.

HOW FUCKING COOL WAS THAT!? Ripping someone’s helmet off and smashing them with it was something you could only dream of doing in NCAA when someone spammed the triple option for TD’s or when you played Madden and your bro Bryce chooses the Dallas Douchebags Cowboys, but only Blitz The League II was able to make those dreams a reality.

I’d go as far to say I learned more about the human body from Blitz The League II than I did in any of the anatomy classes I took during high school and college (and that’s probably why I dropped out of college).

I actually still have this game for my PS3 so if anyone wants to borrow it to see some exploding balls or torn ACL’s up close DM me on Twitter @AgentChavyScarn

Header image via Blitz The League Fandom (LINK)

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